Uniform Policy

CBA believes that wearing a uniform is important in that it contributes to the overall appearance of the school and creates a sense of unity and belonging among our students.

Read on for detailed information on our uniform and dress code policy. Or click here for a printable PDF version of this information.

Dress Code

Personal Grooming: It is expected that students will come to school with a clean, neat appearance. Only natural makeup is allowed. Uniforms must be neat and tidy, in good repair, and worn correctly.

Hair & Hats: Students at the Academy are expected to have clean, well-groomed hair at all times. Students are not allowed to wear hats inside the school building.

Jewellery: Studs and earrings are restricted to the ears. Jewellery may not be worn during P.E. classes or sporting events. This is a health and safety issue.

Temporary “Tattoos”: These should not be visible because of their distracting nature.

Uniforms: Our students are all required to wear a school uniform at all times unless they are having a “non-uniform day”. The benefits of wearing a uniform contribute to the overall appearance of the school. All uniforms must be neat, tidy and worn properly.

Uniform Supplier

McCarthy logo

Our uniforms are provided by R J McCarthy located at 125 Nebo Road, Hamilton L8W 2E1.


Uniforms can be purchased through their website or from the CBA “uniform closet”.

Basic Everyday Uniform

****Logo update: Solid colour logo is no longer a part of the CBA uniform. Please do not purchase used pieces with the solid colour logo.

The following items must be purchased from McCarthy/CBA page only or the school closet:


  • navy only – See McCarthy/CBA webpage for pant options
  • New! JK-3 – girls navy fleece performance day pant
  • New! 4-8 – girls dress pant
  • Students may wear a solid-coloured black belt.


  • Navy walking shorts. (must be past longest fingertip of student with straight arm reaching down.)


  • Blue or Grey crested Golf Shirt, or White dress shirt (*see below)


  • Crested zip-up sweatshirt purchased from McCarthy
  • McCarthy classic comfort: button, V-neck or crew styles only
  • CBA hooded sweatshirts; sold as a special purchase annually through McCarthy.

Jumpers and Skorts:

  • Navy. For girls in Grade JK-4 only. Must be worn with biker shorts.


  • For girls in Grade 4-8 only. Must be worn with tights, leggings, leotards that are no shorter than knee length.

Jumpers/Skorts/Kilts/Skirt: Must measure past the longest fingertip of student with straight arm reaching down (longer is preferred).

Special Events Uniform

All students will be required to wear the grey crested polo and navy pants for
special events and field trips as announced by the staff. Girls may wear a skort/jumper (JK-4), or kilt/skirt (if Grade 4+) with grey crested polo.

Please ensure your child has these two pieces of uniform.

Events uniform is required for chapel every Thursday. A CBA sweater may also be worn during cool months. Shorts may be approved by staff during hot months.

Gym Uniform

All students are required to wear running shoes (non-marking soles) for PE class. Gym shoes should only be used indoors unless otherwise instructed by a teacher.

Only students in grades 2-8 are required to wear the grey Academy t-shirt and blue Academy shorts for PE class, intramurals, and CAASO practices and events.

Younger students are not required to wear the special PE uniform for PE class, however, they must wear proper running shoes.

Both the grey gym shirt and navy athletic shorts are available from R J McCarthy or the CBA “uniform closet”. CBA crested athletic pants and jackets may also be worn.

The following items do not have to be purchased from McCarthy:

*White Dress Shirt/Blouse: Long or short sleeved, must be fully buttoned, Oxford style with a collar, no visible logos, labels or designs.

Socks: Solid coloured in navy, black, grey or white only.

Tights/leggings: Girls may wear solid colour, solid material tights in navy, black, grey or white only, and leggings are to be accompanied by the same coloured socks.

Shoes: Dark blue (navy/uniform blue) or black with same colour laces. Indoor shoes should be as solidly coloured as possible (no lights, sparkles, or patterns), with minimal to no accent.

  • Velcro shoes are preferred for J.K./S.K/GR1 students or those who cannot tie laces
  • classroom shoes may not go outside or home during the school year
  • indoor shoes may be worn for PE class provided they are non-marking athletic shoes
  • Sandals are not permitted because of safety issues

Uniform Reminders

  1. Torn clothing must be repaired. Neat, preferably invisible patches are allowed on pants.
  2. Clothing should be properly fitted and worn (e.g. skort/jumper/kilt length).
  3. Golf shirts may remain untucked if they are fitted properly and are worn tidily.
  4. If students wish to wear a t-shirt under their shirt, it must be plain white, navy blue, or grey.
  5. In most cases, students will be required to wear their school or P.E. uniforms on field trips. Some field trips warrant proper casual attire. Teachers will outline the dress code for trips.
  6. The school reserves the right to ask any student to modify his/her dress and/or appearance. Noncompliance may result in the student being sent home from school.
  7. Students are expected to leave school wearing their uniform (except dress down days).
  8. JK- Grade 1 students require an extra change of clothes to be kept in their back pack.

Recess Clothing

Students may be outside for 1.5 hours every day. And they will be expected to be outside – rain or shine – for dismissal. As such, appropriate outdoor wear is required.

Non-Uniform Days

There will usually be one non-uniform day per month. These are not simply casual/dress-down days but an opportunity to show school spirit. Some days will have special themes.

At activities where the students do not have to dress in their uniforms, appropriate and modest age-level clothing is required. This means that revealing tops or bottoms, spaghetti straps and tank tops or muscle shirts are not appropriate. Shorts and skirts are still required to meet the minimum length requirement. The clothes must be in good repair and shirts should not display inappropriate advertisements, designs, or suggestive messages. If it would offend someone, it is inappropriate. Posted guidelines will give specific details for the day. Students may be asked to change into their gym uniform if they arrive to school dressed inappropriately.

Personal Property

It is important that students properly label or identify those articles used at school that are their personal property, including uniform pieces.

Lost and Found

Please see the school secretary for lost items.

Uniform Closet

Current CBA families have the option of reselling or donating approved uniforms that their children have outgrown in the uniform closet. When families graduate or leave the
school for any reason, they may donate their uniforms to the uniform closet.