CBA Athletics

CBA offers a robust Athletics program as an opportunity to glorify God in mind, heart, and body. Emphasis is placed on the development of Christ-like character, sportsmanship, teamwork, personal development and athletic excellence while also maintaining academic expectations.

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There are three Aspects of the Sports Programme

1. Physical Education:

All students participate in weekly classes.

2. Intramural Sports:

Students in grades 4-8 have the option to participate in various planned sports activities throughout the year. These usually occur at lunchtime and are organized by grades. This is for safety for younger children and competitive levels for older children.

3. Interscholastic Sports:

Athletically capable students (usually those in the older grades), who possess a Christ-like attitude and skill and maintain academic standards may be chosen by the coach assigned to the sport to represent the Academy on the team that plays in tournaments with other Christian schools in the Christian Athletic Association of South-Western Ontario (CAASO). Try-outs are usually held after school. Once the team members have been selected, they will be given notice of practice times. There is a one-day tournament for each team sport.


The various sports activities at CBA will have their own unique safety requirements. These are instituted to ensure that the students may maximize their enjoyment of activities.

All students skating at CBA-sponsored activities must wear CSA approved helmets in order to be permitted on the rink.

Academic Expectations of Athletes

All students participating in the interscholastic athletic programme at CBA (CAASO) will be expected to maintain at least a 70% overall average with no subject mark below 60%. Students must also remain up-to-date on assignments. Classroom teachers will help students keep track of their progress; however, the onus is on the students to ensure that they are up to date. If a student fails to maintain the above percentages or falls behind in his/her studies or frequently neglects homework assignments, the student will be placed on athletic probation. The student’s classroom teachers will meet to determine if and when these probationary measures will take effect.

If a student is placed on athletic probation, parents will be notified. While on athletic probation, a student may attend athletic practices for up to a two-week period. If the grades have improved and the principal, teachers, and parents agree, the student may be reinstated to the team and go to the tournament. However, if little improvement is seen, then the child will not be allowed to represent the school on the team and will not go to the tournament.

Also, if a student attends a CAASO tournament and misses school the next school day without a doctor’s note, he/she may not be able to participate in the next CAASO event.

CAASO Athletic Calendar

OctoberCross CountryAprilFloor Hockey
NovemberVolleyballMayTrack & Field

These events are hosted by several of the schools in the association, normally in their own city. Students are selected, after tryouts and/or practices, to be on the team that represents CBA. It is up to the coach to choose the students who will be on the team. No student is guaranteed a position because of experience, ability, or age. Attitude is a very significant consideration in the selection process.

Students on CAASO teams will be charged participation and transportation fees (if a bus is rented). If athletes are provided with special Central Baptist Academy CAASO uniforms, it is their responsibility to ensure their appropriate return.

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